Tiffany King, CHT, CMT

Certified Hypnotherapist 

Raves & Reviews

"As always.. it was an absolutely dreamy session. You truly are the best therapist and I'm in awe of your talent. I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!"

- Jamie - February 2021

"Just got my first prenatal massage and omg I am in heaven. Can't wait for 2 weeks so I can go back.'

- Patricia R. - February 2021

"You are the first person to get me to totally relaxed during a massage. Everything you did was great. Thank you again."

- Wade R - November 2020

"I felt good after our session yesterday, and still feel that way today. Liked the idea of the tuning forks. A difference perhaps!" 

- Dot R - March 2020

"You have such beautiful, flowing movement.."

- Jacqueline L - June 2017

"Hi Tiffany! I'm a little sore, but feeling great. I loved that fascia blaster!"

- Whitney O. - June 2017

"Fantastic Massage. I am now hooked on the Salt Stone massage. I just love Tiffany and love her calming wonderful space!"

- Carol Z. - November 13, 2015

"Tiffany is amazing. So intuitive to your needs and I always leave feeling refreshed and relaxed! Best massage ever!"

- Christine G. - March 16, 2015

"I have been to many massage therapists over the years and I must say, Tiffany is exceptional! She has not only an intuitive ability to find the problem areas, but the talent to work the area to help alleviate the pain. She asks questions before she begins and listens to the answers, a trait not often found but certainly one that helps her to help you! Whether she uses the hot stones or not it's an awesome massage and I highly recommend you go see Tiffany the next time you need a massage."

- KC - September 17, 2012

"Tiffany is really a great professional, very caring and a truly angel. She knows what is the best for you. She is outstanding!"

- Lucia P. - March 21, 2014

"I work with Tiffany, and she is a fabulous, caring therapist, with a magical touch! I see her clients float out of her room after their massage.....yep, truly magical."

- Rhoda F.  - March 22, 2013

"I came to Tiffany twice for prenatal massage and was amazed by how intuitive she was. She is incredibly friendly, but she makes sure the massage environment is as quiet and peaceful as possible. I can not WAIT for my first postnatal massage with her. She is the best!"

- Penny L. March 30, 2014

" I was having quite the day - and thank goodness had a massage with Tiffany scheduled for that evening. .. . my day went from frazzled to fabulous in 90 minutes! A massage from Tiffany is always phenomenal!!!!"

- Erin C. - 10/23/2014

"I highly recommend a stone massage by Tiffany King. She is wonderful : )"

- Sheryl R

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