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Questions and Answers

"How many massages a day do you do?"

Because I believe that every client deserves the best that I can give and I put so much energy into delivering quality bodywork, I limit the number of massage appointments to 3 or 4 at the most each day, 4 to 5 days per week.

"What style of massage do you practice?"

Integrated. My style is my own unique blend, based on my knowledge and experience and what is currently happening in your body. Some of the techniques I draw on the most include Esalen-inspired Swedish, focused deep tissue, full body stretches and cranial sacral. I treat the body as a three-dimensional whole; moving, stretching and articulating limbs and joints. My approach focuses on relaxation of mind and body to allow for deeper focused work.

"I have a cold, is massage good for me?"

Maybe. However, I don't need to get sick too. Please wait until you feel better to schedule your massage.

"How do I know if you are the right Massage Therapist for me?"

Well, by now hopefully you've had a chance to explore my website, read a few comments from my clients and learn a bit about what I offer. There are a lot of different types of massage and what I do may or may not be what you need or want. If you were referred by another client, are intrigued by what you've seen here, are pregnant, enjoy slow, relaxing, nurturing massage, or you are interested in making regular massage a part of your self-care routine, there’s a great chance I’m a good therapist for you.

If you want really deep, power-house, sports-oriented massage, you may prefer the style of another therapist. I do not believe deep tissue needs to hurt. I work layer by layer, working with the tissue to provide a relaxing massage. I typically do not work late hours, and I only work an occasional Saturday or Sunday, so my hours may not fit your needs.

It’s really important to me that you get a massage experience that’s right for you. I don’t want you wasting time or money. I share an office with and network with several very talented therapists and would be happy to offer you suggestions for a better fit.

"What should I wear?"

This question comes up all the time and I never want it to be awkward. My only concern is that you feel safe and comfortable on the table. Since I have not yet come up with my own post on the subject, I will share the words of a colleague who has done a nice job of it...

The most Frequently Unasked Question in massage:

Do I need to get naked?

By: Allissa Haines, Massage Therapist -

Short answer

No. Absolutely not.

Long answer

In massage school it was suggested we say to clients, “Undress to your level of comfort.” I found that’s way too vague. And most people have no idea what that means. Heck, I’m not even sure what that means. But I dutifully said it to my clients for a few years. At some point I switched to, “I’ll leave the room so you can undress, there’s a hook behind you for your clothes. Bottom undergarment on or off, however you’re most comfortable is just fine.” That’s been working okay, but sometimes I feel more of an explanation would be useful.

First, no matter what, you’ll always be covered (draped) with a sheet and a blanket. You’ll never be left feeling exposed or chilly. When I work on an arm, I fold the sheet back and tuck it under your arm so it’s secure. (No drafts, my friends.) I follow the same protocol for the leg.

When I work on the full back, I fold the drape down at the hips. If you’re wearing underwear I’ll gently tuck the sheet around the waistband, to protect your clothes from massage oil. If you’re wearing a bra, I’ll work around it. If you’re wearing a tank top or burqa or long johns or space suit, I’ll work through it. I know plenty of very effective massage techniques that can be administered over clothing. If I feel I can’t effectively treat your issue through the clothing you’ve chosen to wear, I’ll tell you, and we’ll figure out another approach.

I don’t care, and I’m not judging you. This massage is about you and it’s important you feel comfortable. For some people that means leaving some clothing on. For others, it means taking it all off. There is no right or wrong, this is your massage.

Enjoy your next massage! (Psst- you can schedule here right now if you’re ready!)

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